vineri, 16 mai 2014

Fix strange bullet in Kingsoft (WPS) Writer

Kingsoft Office is an office software suite available for many operating systems, including Linux. While it is closed-source, Kingsoft Office offers a better compatibility with Microsoft Office file formats and also it is resembling the UI of this popular office suite, which make it easier for users coming from Windows to use it.

An issue which drove me crazy was the way bullets were displayed. They should look like a dot but on my system they looked more like a "SZ", and the situation wasn't happier with the other types of bullets.

The issue was fixed by unzipping the fonts from this archive* to ~/.fonts (create the directory if it doesn't exists). After I installed the font and restarted Kingsoft Writer the bullets were displayed fine:

* - please note that Wingdings is a font made by Microsoft and it can be illegal to use it without a license. You might want to buy the font from Microsoft.

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Profu' Știe-Tot spunea...

No, I don't want to buy the font from Microsoft :D I will copy it from my Windows installation since I've already paid for it :)
Why do you use Kingsoft, if you don't mind my asking this?

Ovidiu spunea...

For now it's just a curiosity, but I'm thinking to keep it as a backup solution for the day when LibreOffice will not render a MS Office document properly.

Profu' Știe-Tot spunea...

I've had some issues with LibreOffice not rendering some complex .docx documents... I think it is a long way to full compatibility, due to MS not sticking completely to the open document format. Fortunately, I was able to correct the errors and use the doc. In fact I had to forward it in PDF format, which LibreOffice is very good at.
P.S. for my own needs, I use only .odt format, should I need to pass a doc forward, PDF is there :)

Anonim spunea...

"Why do you use Kingsoft, if you don't mind my asking this?" because i can, and for me it is the best office on the market